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  • gunmacommittee
    By | 26th September 2016 | No Comments

    I’m happy to announce the results of the Mid-Term elections! I know many of you were excited to put in your ballots, but alas, there were not enough running mate pairs to make a fierce election. Nevertheless, we have some great platforms that will introduce you to your new regional and social representatives. Please read them and watch out for future events from our great new members!

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  • gunmacommittee
    By | 27th July 2016 | No Comments
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  • GAJET Logo
    By Pat Penny | 14th June 2016 | No Comments

    Here are the nominations for your upcoming GAJET committee! Please read each platform carefully and vote by clicking the link below. If you are unsure of the tasks each role must fulfill then check out the nominations page. Voting is open from now until Friday June 17th at 8pm. 
    Crystal Lamptey
    Hello fellow Gunmanians!
    My name is Crystal Lamptey, and I am running for GAJET President. I work as an ALT in Shibukawa City, and in August, I’ll become a “unicorn”! … That is to say, I will be a 5th-year JET participant, a …

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  • 410-群馬の地形に入ったぐんまちゃん
    By Jamie Ota | 9th June 2016 | No Comments

    The Gunma Prefectural Board of Education is currently accepting applications for the position of ALT Advisor.  

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  • gajet
    By | 3rd June 2016 | No Comments

    As we roll into the summer months, it’s time to announce the end of the 2015–2016 GAJET term. We would like to thank you all for another amazing year!

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日本 in General

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By Pat Penny | 6th August 2015 | 1 Comment

Think back to that magical moment when you first arrived in Japan. Spirits high, you take your first step out of the plane on a beautiful summer evening into a brave new world. A world full of opportunity, new friendships, humidity, sweat, and pit stains… You realize that jeans were a bad idea, and you wish you knew just how hot Japan really is before getting here.

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By Sabrina Cramer | 25th July 2016 | No Comments

So you’ve decided that you want to keep your original phone from your country and only get a sim card in Japan. Use this handy guide to get yourself set up!

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By Pat Penny | 17th August 2015 | No Comments

The third annual Gunma Games are coming up fast! The Gunma Games are the first big event of the year for new Gunma JETs. It’s bound to be the hottest and most talked about event all year, so don’t miss it! For those that have already been to the Gunma Games I have no doubt you’re coming back for more. But, for those of you that need some convincing I’ve prepared my top three reasons why you should attend the Gunma Games!

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By | 10th August 2015 | No Comments

It’s that time of year again—one of GAJET’s biggest events—the Canyons Adventure and Mixer! Get to know your neighbors from Gunma, Ibaraki, Nagano, Saitama, and Tochigi while catching the last rays of summer during an action-(or leisure) packed weekend at Gunma’s own Canyons Alpine Lodge in Minakami.

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By Kristen Thorpe | 20th July 2015 | 3 Comments

All year I’ve been looking forward to my favorite GAJET event: The Mt. Fuji Climb. To get ready I’ve been running up and down the stairs at school during my free periods, and planning what to pack this year.

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By Jamie Ota (Updated 7/2015 by Sam Corpuz) | 8th July 2015 | No Comments

When JETs arrive in Japan, they are given a three year visa. This visa is good for three years as long as you do not leave your job or change professions. So the question is, what happens when you’re in your third year on JET and you have decided to continue your job for another year?

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By Dan Barhorst | 1st July 2015 | 1 Comment
baseball fans

America’s favorite past time is finally here, It’s baseball season! Baseball also happens to be extremely popular in Japan. Many of your students know and love the sport, and will often talk about their favorite teams and players. Let’s explore baseball in Japan together!

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By Grant Ekelund | 30th May 2015 | 1 Comment

So there you sit at your enkai, staring at another glass of pale, watery beer. If only you could get your hands on a dark and roasty stout or a hoppy and fragrant IPA. Anything but Asahi! Luckily there are opportunities for better beer in Gunma, if you know where to look. 

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By | 28th May 2015 | No Comments

We have a lot of great candidates this year, so please read their platforms below and choose which candidate you think can best fulfill the role they are running for.  If you are unsure what each position does, feel free to check out the Nominations page for a description of each position.
Voting is open until 10:00 p.m. June 1st! 
Samantha Corpuz

Hello fellow Gunma JETs! My name is Samantha Corpuz from Vancouver (they call me Can-EH-dian ^_~ ). I’m a 3rd year ALT living in western Gunma, and I am running for GAJET President!
Last …

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By | 30th July 2014 | 4 Comments
kusatsu goddess

The sweet and sweaty oven-heat of summer is upon us, but while it may be tempting to lock yourself in with your aircon and an army of fans, be sure to check out some (or all!) of the amazing festivals our cabbage patch has to offer.

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By Andrea Dawn | 8th February 2014 | No Comments
Snowboarding Gunmachan

Winter is here! What is the one thing guaranteed to drag us out from under our warm toasty kotatsu? Why, snowboarding and skiing, of course! Did you know that next to Hokkaido, the Gunma-Niigata-Nagano region has the best ski resorts in all of Japan? Gunma, banzai!