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Our GAJET winter photo contest winner, with this season’s theme of “The Elements”, was announced on Saturday. Congratulations to Linka Wade, with her action-packed photo taken at the Kawarayu Onsen Yukake Festival. Lucky for us, she’s written her full account of the event – read on for a detailed look behind the scenes of this […]

JET: Where Are They Now?

February 6, 2020 | Blog, Japan life, JET Life | No Comments

With re-contracting season behind us and the Tokyo post-JET Career Fair just around the corner, I cannot be alone in thinking: ‘What do people do after JET?’ So, I decided to get in touch with the Gumanians of JETs past and ask them just that.

Romance in a Cabbage Field

October 2, 2019 | Blog, Japan life | No Comments

Japan is a country of repressed emotion. It’s one of those stereotypes that are actually accurate. Younger generations are working to change this by doing crazy things like hugging their partners and actually telling them that they love them, but there are some events to help older people express their feelings too.