Agatsuma is a largely rural region, rich in gorgeous nature viewing opportunities and onsen. Some of the best onsen areas in Japan are in the Agatsuma region. The towns are small and nestled in between mountains, gorges, and rivers. The region encompasses Higashi Agatsuma, Nakanojo, Kusatsu, Takayama, Tsumagoi, and Naganohara. 

Tourism and Major Attractions


Kusatsu Area
  • Yubatake/Yumomi show
  • Kusatsu Tropical Wonderland
  • Kusatsu Reptile Park
  • Mt. Kusatsu-Shirane
  • Yoshigadaira Wetlands
  • Chatsubomi Moss Park
  • The Highest Point on Japan’s National Highways
Shima Onsen Area
  • Shima Potholes
  • Sekizenkan (model for Spirited Away)
  • Spirited Away melody road
  • Lake Okushima
Naganohara Area
  • Yamba Dam and self-driving amphibious tour bus
  • Asama Brewing Tourism Center
Takayama Area
  • Lockheart Castle
  • Takayama Rice Paddy art (fall)
  • Gunma Astronomical Observatory
Tsumagoi Area
  • Mount Asama
  • Onioshidashi Volcanic Park
  • Manza Onsen
  • Karuizawa Toy Kingdom
Higashi Agatsuma-machi Area
  • Agatsuma Gorge
  • Mount Iwabitsu
Nakanojo Area
  • Tsumuji
  • Nakanojo Gardens
  • Oshi Station
Nakanojo Gardens


  • Kusatsu Onsen
  • Shima Onsen
  • Manza Onsen
Kusatsu Onsen


  • Kitakaruizawa Fire Festival
  • Kawarayu Onsen Yukake Matsuri
  • Kusatsu Yubatake Illumination
  • Higashi Agatsuma Daffodil Festival
  • Nakanojo Biennale
  • Kyabe-chu
Kitakaruizawa Fire Festival

Ski Resorts and Parks

  • Kusatsu Onsen Ski Resort
  • Manza Onsen Ski Resort
  • Karuizawa Snow Park


Compared to the rest of Gunma, Agatsuma is cooler in the summer. This does not mean that it’s pleasantly cool. It’s still Japan in the summer. The fall produces gorgeous colors, but they are followed by long, cold winters. 



There are few train stations in the Agatsuma region, and they tend to be small, local stops. Do not expect many utilities or services at most of these stations. The Agatsuma line is the only line that services the area and runs fairly infrequently. Be sure to double-check your train schedule when you plan activities. 

  • Nakanojo Station
  • Gunma-haramachi Station (station in the center of Higashi Agatsuma-machi, does not accept IC cards. You must have a paper ticket)
  • Naganohara-Kusatsuguchi Station
  • Manza-Kazawaguchi Station

Kusatsu Onsen, Shima Onsen, and Manza Onsen are all only accessible by car or bus. Watch for road closures to Kusatsu and Manza Onsens in the winter.