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All About GAJET

GAJET is your friendly Gunma JET community and support group. We are here to help make your time in Gunma as fulfilling as possible by bringing you information, connecting you to resources, and building a strong community that enjoys this beautiful prefecture to the fullest! We are the local chapter of AJET, the Association of the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program, and are 100% run by elected volunteer JETs just like you.

We also run the ultra-useful Gunma ALTs Facebook Page, which is perhaps the best way to stay up-to-date on local happenings and news. We’ve got a year of great events ahead and a community which we think is truly fantastic, so please pull up a chair and stay awhile! Don’t be a stranger, unless you are a wild Gunma bear or monkey, in which case, please do stay away.

2018 – 2019 GAJET Crew:

Devyn Couch, President 

From: New Jersey, USA

Now in: Tamamura, third year JET

Valerie Landers, Vice-President

From: Maryland, USA

Now in: Tomioka, third year JET

Luke McDaneld, Treasurer

From: Kansas, USA

Now in: Maebashi, third year JET


Alex Krause, Secretary 

From: Pennsylvania, USA

Now in: Takasaki, second year JET


Gavin Au-Yeung, Editor

From: Ontario, Canada

Now in: Isesaki, second year JET


Maja Thoenes, Seibu Rep

From: Alabama, USA

Now in: Tomioka, second year JET


Ciara Malone, Seibu Rep

From: London, England

Now in: Takasaki, second year JET


Tiffany Do, Tone/Agatsuma Rep

From: California, USA

Now in: Agatsuma, third year JET


Andy Cerecero, Tone/Agatsuma Rep

From: Texas, USA

Now in: Kuni, second year JET

Edward Portillo, Chubu Rep

From: California, USA

Now in: Shibukawa, second year JET

Jansen Magarro, Tobu Rep

From: Manitoba, Canada

Now in: Tatebayashi, fourth year JET

You can read more about each member here!