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Christmas Lesson Ideas

Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays around the world. There is so much to teach about it, but where do you start?


If you are teaching at an elementary school, your focus should be more on teaching the spirit of Christmas as opposed to only teaching Christmas vocabulary. The feeling of Christmas will probably remain longer with the students than multiple new vocabulary words!

Christmas Tree Decorations

Here’s a lesson plan for 1st – 4th graders that is really simple that has them singing a Christmas song and making ornaments to decorate a Christmas tree.

Start off with your normal class greetings, then move onto a popular Christmas song, in my case I used “We wish you a merry Christmas.” It’s pretty simple because the first verse contains “We wish you a Merry Christmas” three times. When teaching the students the song, blow up the lyrics in the blow up machine and have katakana written as well to help with the pronunciation and they can read along while singing. Afterwards, introduce what are normal ornaments on a Christmas tree, for example Christmas balls, little ornament stockings etc. For the 1st and 2nd graders, you can either prep black and white outlines of the ornaments you are doing in class so that they just have to color it in or you can have them choose from the examples you have given and the students can free hand draw it. For the 3rd and 4th graders, allow them to decorate whatever kind of ornament they want to create so that they don’t feel restricted to the examples you have given.

So basically put, have the students, draw (on nice paper you provide), color, and cut the ornaments and there you go, Christmas ornaments! The manner in which you decorate your Christmas tree (which you will have to also create unless you have an extra one lying around) is up to you. You can either have the kids put it on the tree themselves after they’ve cut it out, or you can collect them all and put them up yourself and decorate the tree however you want! End with the song you started the class with and there you go! Merry Christmas!

Christmas Masks

Great for younger elementary kids. Print several of the christmas masks (from Free Fun Fings or Scissor Crafts), either in colour or black and white (and the kids can colour it in themselves). Students cut masks, punch holes, and thread string or elastic in the side. Kids love getting dressed up in Christmas masks! I usually do Santa, Rudolf, and Snowman.

Junior High

Nothing yet! Have a great idea? Contact us!

Senior High

Christmas Board Game

This is a senior high school Christmas lesson, but it can probably be done at the junior high school level with some vocabulary prep work and maybe changing some of the questions.

I print the Boggle’s World Christmas board game on big pieces of paper and then attach them to the blackboard with magnets. Then I break the class into teams and give them each a cool magnet piece to use as their board piece. If you are cramped for time, fewer teams takes less, but I like it best with teams of 5 or 6.

Also, don’t forget to let each team choose a fun, Christmas team name!


This is a fun lesson mainly focused on writing. I’ve tried this at mid-level to low-level schools and it worked great. Plus, all the JTEs really loved it. This lesson works best around the New Year, though it’s appropriate year round.

Christmas Displays

Christmas Board #1

My Christmas board this year includes many of the typical iconic Western Christmas items, such as a jolly Santa Claus, some reindeer, an adorned Christmas tree, a snowman, snowflakes, and a fireplace with stockings that read my siblings names. Burning (miraculously unharmed) in the fire of the fireplace are the days counting down to Christmas, which I change daily. Something a little unique to the board is the Christmas Post box. In here, students are to place letters written to, not Santa Claus, but me. This is because I am lucky enough to go to Korea and Taiwan this Winter Vacation, so I have told all of my students (and staff) if they write me a Christmas letter (about their Christmas/New Year’s plans, a Christmas wish, a question about Canadian Christmas, etc) in English before December 21st, I will write them back on a postcard from Korea or Taiwan.

(*Now, yes, this does mean I may have to write over 600 postcards over Winter Vacation, but knowing the participation of my students… I doubt it. Will give you my stats in 2012!)

Christmas Board #2

Christmas board showing the differences between Christmas in NZ & Christmas in America.

Christmas Board #3

This Christmas board introduces aspects of Australian Christmas to elementary school children.

Winter Challenge

A winter challenge for students. Students could write a letter to the ALT, post it in the letter box and get a reply from the ALT.

Wishing Tree

Students think of their Christmas wish and write it in English on a Christmas tree ball. I collect all the wishes and put them on the wishing tree for all the students and teachers to read.

External Links

Personal Creations has a great site about making your own Christmas ornaments.