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GAJET Farewell Party, July 11th

July 15, 2020 | GAJET Events, Gallery | No Comments

Gajet farewell party

As a committee, we have struggled with how to bring our community together in the time of social distancing. This is especially difficult for the first traditional event for the new committee: The Farewell Beer Garden. Given the nature of the pandemic, it was decided that we should play it safe with our event planning and move our farewells online or in small gatherings in regional groups (depending on the will of the regional rep). Seibu and Chubu had a joint online event:

Gajet farewell party
GAJET Farewell Party was hosted via the GAJET Discord

GAJET Online Farewell Party

Another year, another bittersweet farewell for those that are leaving us this July and August, now with a twist! 2020 battered us left and right, and due to its crown jewel of no-fun-allowed: the SARS-COVID pandemic, we had to make a few adjustments to our usual festivities. Despite the adversity, though, we still managed to make it a fun night to remember!

On Saturday July 11th 2020 we gathered on our shiny new GunmaJET discord server and had ourselves a small, socially-distanced party featuring drinks, Jackbox games, memorable words from our venerable and totally not toasted president, and a slideshow of the fun memories we made this year, COVID and all. It was awesome simply to be able to talk to everybody in a big social setting again, even if it was all virtual. Having webcams also really helped that by making everyone feel more present.

Skribblio game with custom Gunma words!

We had a good crowd show up too, roughly 15 or 16 people, which was not bad at all for a first time attempt at digitizing this event. Better still, we even managed to get a few folks that had already left this year or a previous year such as former PA Sarah dela Cruz, something that would have been nigh impossible under normal circumstances.

All in all, though COVID tried to thwart our celebration we still managed to make it an awesome night. As our first major outing with the new team, it was a resounding success! 

-Loïc Cremer, Seibu Rep

Tone Farewell Party

Pictured: Phillip Yawata, Tone Rep with Tone JETs

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