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by Rowan Upstone

Comparatives can be a bit dry to teach, so here’s a fun activity you can use to teach them. The activity is simple, get the students to label a graph based on a series of comparative statements.

For this you’ll need an unlabeled graph (like the one above) and some instructions. Let say your graph will eventually show favourite animals. You would include clues like “Cats are more popular than dogs”, “Lions are the most popular animal”, and “People like penguins as much as rabbits” on your sheet to help your students label each of the parts of your graph.

However I recommend this to only be just the first part. After your students have worked their way through the clues, you can have them make a brand new series of clues for the same graph using your clues as a hint on what to write. If you make the graphs super generic, they can make their clues about anything they want. 

For best effect I recommend having very generic labels (such as ABC…) so it’s easy for the students to repurpose, and make sure it’s easy to tell what the values of each segment are. Also, be sure to have a couple of the same value for clues like “as much as” or “the same as”.

It’s that simple. If you like the look of this venn download my example to get your piece of the pie. I think you’ll find this is the best comparison activity bar none. I think the students will really line up for this one (I’ll stop now). Good Luck!

Here’s a prewritten example of clues and answers for the above graph. Feel free to use them in your next class or make your own!

Graph Clues

5 people like pandas

Cats are more popular than dogs

Lions are the most popular animal

People like penguins as much as rabbits

Cats are the 3rd most popular

Dogs are more popular than penguins

Cats are less popular than hamsters

Giraffes are the least popular of all the animals

Answers: A: Lions, B: Giraffe, C: Penguins (or E), D: Pandas, E: Rabbits (or C), F: Cats, G: Dogs, H: Hamsters

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