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MARCH: The Monstrous Month of Deskwarming (A Survival List)

Don’t let the Coronavirus get you down! For most Gunma ALTs, it’s been a slow week since the surprise shutdown was announced – and there’s still a few weeks left. The GAJET team has compiled a list of our ultimate tips to avoid deskwarming deterioration.

  1. First, make sure you ask if there’s anything you can help your teachers with this month. You might be surprised at how much your help is appreciated!
  2. Make extravagant decorations for the graduation ceremony (if your school is still having it).
  3. Read every single book in your school library.
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  1. Talk to the teachers you usually don’t speak with in search of juicy gossip.
  2. Open and close your Japanese textbooks and continue to ignore them.
  3. Write graduation cards for your students – bonus points if you draw any Disney or mascot characters.
  1. Plan fun trips which may or may not actually happen, and fantasize about the cheap flight prices.
  2. Go on a quest to loot the supplies closet.
  3. Hone your origami skills. If you didn’t find anything good in the supply closet, Daiso has beautiful origami paper.
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  1. Create an awesome lesson that doesn’t rely on the textbook. For those days when your JTE/HRT says, “I don’t know, what do YOU think we should do?”
  2. Do not give in to the temptation to watch cat videos all day. Do not.
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  1. Plan a toilet paper heist.
  2. Make materials for the BEST. ENGLISH. BOARD. EVER!!!
  3. Tidy up your desk. We know it’s filthy.
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  1. Find an abandoned classroom to stretch, meditate, do yoga, or maybe just stare at your phone for a few minutes.
  2. Make use of that abandoned classroom to give your family a call and let them know you’re still alive.
  3. Bring 50 cabbages to school to host your Gunma-themed juggling contest.
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  1. Reorganize or plan a curriculum for next year. You can never be too prepared! You can upload some resources to our ALT Drive while you’re at it.
  2. Do menial tasks for your teachers in exchange for snacks – cutting or laminating flashcards often has a high exchange rate.
  3. Look up bento recipes so you can show off your skills at lunch time.
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  1. Make memes for JET Programemes or our Gunma ALTs page, and start an emergency GIF folder for quick comebacks.
  2. Practice your free throw in the gym.
  3. Actually study your JLPT materials instead of staring at them and hoping the Japanese comes to you via osmosis.
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  1. Create some epic review games – brush up on those PowerPoint skills!
  2. Make your own English chants/songs – we know you can do better than the textbook. ALT rap battle, anyone?
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  1. Update your resume. Whether you’re leaving JET this year or not, it’s better to get it over with! Don’t forget your cover letter template and LinkedIn, too.
  2. Play Gunma’s Ambition on your phone/Nintendo Switch and call it cultural exchange.
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  1. Do some school cleaning! It’s dirty work, but it will score you major brownie points and someone has to do it, right?
  2. Write an article or make art for AJET’s Connect Magazine.
  3. Spend hours writing up a draft email to your BOE/CO listing numerous reasons why you should be given free 特休. Good luck!
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**Not all deskwarming activities are BOE-approved or fully safe. Exercise caution and attempt at your own risk. GAJET holds no responsibility for injuries from cabbage juggling or other dangerous acts. Stay safe out there!**

Header image credit: @tofupupper

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