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By Gavin Au-Yeung | 1st February 2019 | No Comments

Gunma’s windy winter got you feeling down? Feeling in a rut because your winter days consist of going to work and then immediately retreating home to your kotatsu? Its time for you to leave the winter slump!
Here are five tips to get yourself up and moving!
1: Improve yourself
It’s not uncommon for JETs to spend the warmer (read: better) seasons travelling around or beyond Japan. A lot of people tire of travelling during the winter months because its simply too cold. Use this travel-downtime to explore new hobbies and interest. Take …

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By Editor | 14th December 2018 | No Comments

Big thanks for everyone who submitted photos for the 2018 Fall Photo Contest. Congratulations to Alexander Courtney for the winning picture.
Check out all the photos in the gallery below:

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By Editor | 7th November 2018 | No Comments

Thanks for everyone who came out to celebrate Halloween in Takasaki. Check out the gallery to see some of the awesome costumes which were seen that night!

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By Linka Wade | 13th September 2018 | No Comments

I’m going to make a guess about your school. Whether it’s elementary, junior high, or high school, I bet there’s some little table or room where everyone gathers to eat some snacks or drink tea. A lot of times, I think ALTs (including myself!) are intimidated by the group of teachers hanging out at the snack table and tend to just stay at their desks instead. But that snack table is actually your gateway into their social network and more natural communication! So, go and be brave, go and break …

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By Editor | 7th September 2018 | No Comments

Thanks to everyone who sent in a photo submission for the summer contest! Congratulations to Sarah Dela Cruz for winning the contest. You can see her picture, and the other great submissions, in the gallery below:

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By Editor | 2nd September 2018 | No Comments

When the dust settled, it was the team in green who hoisted the coveted Golden Cabbage; the second consecutive year in which the Tobu region would win the late-summer classic.
ALTs from all across Gunma traveled to Takasaki as the Gunma Games returned for its sixth iteration on September 1. As always, the event attracted a large crowd of both new and returning JETs. Throughout the day, competitors from the five regions of Gunma competed in a series of events in which – keeping on topic with Gunma – involved A …

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By GAJET | 31st July 2018 | No Comments

For leaving JETs, summer is often a time for closure. They come from all over the world, but for a brief moment – whether it be one year or five – they all shared the bond of calling Gunma home. Although these JETs will be moving on to new adventures, it’s certain that their time in Gunma will be unforgettable.
As they prepare to depart, GAJET caught up with some leaving JETs to reflect on their time in Gunma.
“It was a blank slate. I didn’t know what to expect,” recalls Teresa …

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By Gavin Au-Yeung | 27th July 2018 | No Comments

Head to the seventh floor food court at Takasaki’s OPA mall on any given Wednesday evening, and you will likely see groups of young people seated at tables and cheerfully chatting. It may seem innocuous at first glance, but upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that they are not regular mall-goers.
Take a closer look and you’ll further notice that each group is comprised of two foreigners and two Japanese locals. Placed on each table, an orange piece of laminated paper with a picture of Gunma’s beloved mascot, Gunma-Chan.
Written above the picture: …

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By Gavin Au-Yeung | 23rd July 2018 | No Comments

While classes may have stopped during the summer vacation, JETs are still required to go to work. Of course, many of us will use vacation days during this time.
On the other hand, there are also many JETs who will find themselves confined to their desks during this time. It doesn’t matter if you’re entering your fifth year on JET or if you just got off the plane, desk warming can be one of the most boring things about the job.
The summer stretch at your desk may feel like an eternity, …

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By Charlie Hayes | 2nd July 2018 | No Comments

Before I got here, I sent a lot of emails and Facebook messages about ultimate frisbee. I asked in Gunma ALTs and I bothered the people in Tokyo. I was informed that there was no such thing as ultimate frisbee in Gunma. A lot of people said they had tried, but they ended up shrugging their shoulders and saying, “shoganai, ne?”
“Shoganai” is not a word that I take kindly to.
At Gunma Games, I brought out a disc and found that a few others had, too. Tossing around, we talked about …