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By | 11th December 2016 | No Comments

The inevitable is coming. Every year we complain and try to prepare, and yet every year we get knocked down a notch and are reminded we will never win winter. Winter in Gunma is just as dreaded as every sempai will tell you- the houses are ill-equipped at keeping in heat, the AC heaters work overtime to keep the drafty winds out, and the chill-to-the-bone winds that sweep through Gunma will make you feel like Frosty. Winter is not easy but we are all here to conquer it as best …

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By | 26th September 2016 | No Comments

I’m happy to announce the results of the Mid-Term elections! I know many of you were excited to put in your ballots, but alas, there were not enough running mate pairs to make a fierce election. Nevertheless, we have some great platforms that will introduce you to your new regional and social representatives. Please read them and watch out for future events from our great new members!

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By Pat Penny | 14th June 2016 | No Comments

Here are the nominations for your upcoming GAJET committee! Please read each platform carefully and vote by clicking the link below. If you are unsure of the tasks each role must fulfill then check out the nominations page. Voting is open from now until Friday June 17th at 8pm. 
Crystal Lamptey
Hello fellow Gunmanians!
My name is Crystal Lamptey, and I am running for GAJET President. I work as an ALT in Shibukawa City, and in August, I’ll become a “unicorn”! … That is to say, I will be a 5th-year JET participant, a …

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By Jamie Ota | 9th June 2016 | No Comments

The Gunma Prefectural Board of Education is currently accepting applications for the position of ALT Advisor.  

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By | 3rd June 2016 | No Comments

As we roll into the summer months, it’s time to announce the end of the 2015–2016 GAJET term. We would like to thank you all for another amazing year!

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By Kristin Wilson | 20th May 2016 | No Comments
Kristens article 1

Working on JET or as an ALT can provide a pretty comfortable lifestyle for those of us in Gunma. We are afforded a decent salary along with many of the comforts of large cities (Takasaki, Maebashi) without paying Tokyo prices. Yet, I am sure all JETs would never turn down an opportunity to save a little more cash and enhance their savings for any future plans post-JET.

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By Harris Vu | 27th April 2016 | No Comments
I can 2016

Bigger, Better, Closer to Home!
Back for its 5th year, I Can Japan is happening on Saturday, May 21st starting from 4:30pm, again at the Maebashi Plaza Genki 21.

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By Ashly Schanback (The Queen of Gunma) | 25th January 2016 | No Comments
snow fest

In February 2015, I went to the Iiyama Snow Festival with four friends in Iiyama City, Nagano. For those who want to embrace the winter magic, but simply cannot afford the pricey trip up to Hokkaido for the Sapporo Snow Festival, I recommend this as a cheaper, closer, low-key alternative!

Here are some personal highlights from the Iiyama Snow Festival in 2015:

Fireworks in the snow
I had never seen fireworks go off while snow was falling at the same time, so it was a wonderful new experience! The Disney soundtrack playing in …

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By Rodney Sloan | 22nd January 2016 | No Comments
snow pic

It starts snowing and my brain goes into survival mode. My t-shirt reads “I survived Snowmageddon”, but snow is as alien to me as a South African in an izakaya. We don’t get snow in South Africa—at least that’s what I tell people—but speaking for myself, it’s more that we don’t “get” snow.