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By Editor | 11th August 2018 | No Comments

Calling all photographers!
It’s time again for another GAJET photo contest. With this summer’s unbearable heat wave still going on strong, we want to see how Gunma stays cool during the summer. Send in your best photos of summer festivals, concerts, events, and general summer adventures in order to be considered for the photo contest.
This wouldn’t be a contest without any prizes. The winner will receive a ¥2000 Amazon gift card! The winning picture will also become the new cover picture for the Gunma ALTs Facebook Group.
In order to be considered for …

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By Editor | 20th July 2018 | No Comments

Welcome to Gunma! You’ve just arrived in Japan (more specifically, Gunma), and have spent the past few days trying to get acclimated to your new home. Perhaps you’ve been fighting the sweltering heat, navigating the soy-sauce aisle at your local grocery store, and facing off against other daily challenges which would not be a problem back in your home country.
Regardless of how your new adventures in Gunma have been, it’s definitely time for a proper welcome for the new JETs. GAJET is hosting a Welcome Party on Friday, August 17. …

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By Editor | 17th July 2018 | No Comments

With summer in full swing, we are once again approaching matsuri (festival) season. Within Gunma, the Takasaki matsuri is always a popular attration. This year, the festival will fall on August 4th and 5th. There’s no better way to enjoy the festival than with your fellow JETs. So let’s put on our yukatas, grab some delicious street food, and enjoy the fireworks!
If you would like to experience this event with your fellow JETs, please come out on August 4th to Takasaki Park (specific meeting spot TBD). Takasaki matsuri is usually …

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By Editor | 3rd July 2018 | No Comments

Attention Gunma ALTs!
If you’ve attended GAJET events last year or are interested in attending any of our future events, we would love to hear from you! We’re asking for your opinion so that we can improve our service to you.
Enjoyed a particular event last year? Let us know!
Have an awesome idea for a new event? Let us know!
You’ve got questions, comments, and concerns? Let us know!
We want your opinion, so please fill out our survey (click here). It only takes a few minutes, and you’ll be helping improve the Gunma …

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By Editor | 1st July 2018 | No Comments

Introducing the 2018-2019 GAJET committee! Thanks to everyone who voted.

Devyn Couch, President
Greetings! My name is Devyn Couch, and I’m your friendly neighborhood GAJET president this year. Originally hailing from one of New Jersey’s many shore towns, I’m now entering my third year as a JHS JET in Tamamura. Before moving to Japan, I spent several amazing years teaching both general and special education at the elementary school level, so the jump to junior high was admittedly a little scary! However, I wouldn’t trade the connections I’ve made with my students …

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By Editor | 28th June 2018 | No Comments

For many Gunma JETs, July can be trying times. In particular, we will experience two pains: the start of the humid season, and – more important – the departure of our fellow JETs.
Luckily, there is a solution for both of these problems!
On July 14, please come out to GAJET’s Farewell Beer Garden party to celebrate the leaving JETs one last time, and to knock back a few cold ones to combat the humidity.
The venue will be the Takashimaya rooftop beer garden, located near the west side of Takasaki station. Festivities …

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By Editor | 17th June 2018 | No Comments

Thank you so much to the big and outstanding group of people throwing their hats into the ring to join the next GAJET crew! You can vote right here from now until Thursday, June 21.
Devyn Couch (Tamamura), President
Hello, everyone! My name is Devyn Couch, a soon-to-be third year JET from Gunma’s very own Ball Village, Tamamura. 
Having served as Chubu Representative for the past year, I’m eager to continue building our community with you all, this time as GAJET’s president. Having worked with and learned from the amazing members of this year’s …

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By Editor | 10th June 2017 | No Comments
2017-2018 GAJET Crew

My name is Mikhail Ryan Pinyo, but most people call me Misha. I’m originally from the west coast of the USA, but I currently live in Maebashi. I want to contribute to a thriving and supportive community wherever I go, and so far GAJET has allowed me to do just that, so I’m really excited to start my third year on the committee. When I’m not teaching Senior High School or planning events you can find me playing musical instruments, exploring Japan’s beautiful mountain onsen, and charting my slow journey across the …

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By BY DANIEL JONG | 6th June 2017 | No Comments

Here are the nominations for your upcoming GAJET committee! Please read each platform carefully and vote by clicking the link below. If you are unsure of the tasks each role must fulfill then check out the nominations page. Voting is open now until Friday, June 9th at 8 p.m.!!!
Misha Pinyo (Maebashi) – President
Hello fellow Gunmarians!

My name is Misha and I’m running for President. When I’m not teaching at Mae-Nishi and Haruna High Schools, you can find me learning new musical instruments, exploring Japan’s beautiful mountain onsen, and planning my slow …

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By BY DANIEL JONG | 29th May 2017 | No Comments

First, all current members would like to give our gratitude for another amazing year of support and participation at the many exciting events we’ve had this year: Beer Gardens, Karaoke, Gunma Games, Canyons, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Skibo & Chill, Art Share Night, and our big, annual fundraiser I*Can*Japan (愛・感・ジャパン)! I’m happy to announce that we raised over ¥150,000 from I*Can for the Komochiyama Children’s Home in Shibukawa!
Gunma AJET is one of the most active AJET organizations, and while it’s hard work to host events in this wonderful cabbage patch known as …