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By Editor | 14th December 2018 | No Comments

Big thanks for everyone who submitted photos for the 2018 Fall Photo Contest. Congratulations to Alexander Courtney for the winning picture.
Check out all the photos in the gallery below:

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By Editor | 4th October 2018 | No Comments

Photographers are once again being called into action! This time, we are assembling Gunma’s best in search of the image which best represents the Autumn season.
Like the last contest, the winner will receive a ¥2000 Amazon gift card! The winning picture will also become the new cover picture for the Gunma ALTs Facebook Group.
In order to be considered for the contest, simply submit a photo (or two) to our GAJET Treasurer, Luke, at [email protected] with the headline “Fall Photo Contest.” Deadline for photo submission is Sunday, November 25, 2018.
We are …

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By Editor | 7th September 2018 | No Comments

Thanks to everyone who sent in a photo submission for the summer contest! Congratulations to Sarah Dela Cruz for winning the contest. You can see her picture, and the other great submissions, in the gallery below:

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By Editor | 25th August 2018 | No Comments

One of GAJET’s biggest events is returning this year. Join us in beautiful Minakami for a weekend adventure at Canyons!
Main festivities will be held on Sunday, September 23. Enjoy the great outdoors by partaking in hikes, whitewater rafting, and (three different) canyoning tours! Of course, if you’re not so adventurous, you are still free to come and hang out with awesome people. GAJET’s package for Sunday night includes a BBQ in the evening and an option to stay overnight at the lodge.
For those who stay on Monday (September 24 is …

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By Editor | 18th August 2018 | No Comments

Looking for a way to meet new people in Gunma while having fun and competing? Say no more! It’s almost time for the sixth annual Gunma Games!
Never heard of the Gunma Games? The Gunma Games is usually the first large GAJET event after the new JETs arrive in Gunma. Come on out and represent your region in this Olympic-style sporting event! Events can range from trivia, paper crane folding, relay-race, and of course the ever-popular Ultimate Cabbage!
Athletes and non-athletes alike are welcome to participate. Regardless of your abilities, you’ll be sure …

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By Editor | 11th August 2018 | No Comments

Calling all photographers!
It’s time again for another GAJET photo contest. With this summer’s unbearable heat wave still going on strong, we want to see how Gunma stays cool during the summer. Send in your best photos of summer festivals, concerts, events, and general summer adventures in order to be considered for the photo contest.
This wouldn’t be a contest without any prizes. The winner will receive a ¥2000 Amazon gift card! The winning picture will also become the new cover picture for the Gunma ALTs Facebook Group.
In order to be considered for …

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By Editor | 20th July 2018 | No Comments

Welcome to Gunma! You’ve just arrived in Japan (more specifically, Gunma), and have spent the past few days trying to get acclimated to your new home. Perhaps you’ve been fighting the sweltering heat, navigating the soy-sauce aisle at your local grocery store, and facing off against other daily challenges which would not be a problem back in your home country.
Regardless of how your new adventures in Gunma have been, it’s definitely time for a proper welcome for the new JETs. GAJET is hosting a Welcome Party on Friday, August 17. …

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By Editor | 17th July 2018 | No Comments

With summer in full swing, we are once again approaching matsuri (festival) season. Within Gunma, the Takasaki matsuri is always a popular attration. This year, the festival will fall on August 4th and 5th. There’s no better way to enjoy the festival than with your fellow JETs. So let’s put on our yukatas, grab some delicious street food, and enjoy the fireworks!
If you would like to experience this event with your fellow JETs, please come out on August 4th to Takasaki Park (specific meeting spot TBD). Takasaki matsuri is usually …

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By Editor | 3rd July 2018 | No Comments

Attention Gunma ALTs!
If you’ve attended GAJET events last year or are interested in attending any of our future events, we would love to hear from you! We’re asking for your opinion so that we can improve our service to you.
Enjoyed a particular event last year? Let us know!
Have an awesome idea for a new event? Let us know!
You’ve got questions, comments, and concerns? Let us know!
We want your opinion, so please fill out our survey (click here). It only takes a few minutes, and you’ll be helping improve the Gunma …

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By Editor | 1st July 2018 | No Comments

Introducing the 2018-2019 GAJET committee! Thanks to everyone who voted.

Devyn Couch, President
Greetings! My name is Devyn Couch, and I’m your friendly neighborhood GAJET president this year. Originally hailing from one of New Jersey’s many shore towns, I’m now entering my third year as a JHS JET in Tamamura. Before moving to Japan, I spent several amazing years teaching both general and special education at the elementary school level, so the jump to junior high was admittedly a little scary! However, I wouldn’t trade the connections I’ve made with my students …