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2017-2018 GAJET Crew


Misha Pinyo — President

My name is Mikhail Ryan Pinyo, but most people call me Misha. I’m originally from the west coast of the USA, but I currently live in Maebashi. I want to contribute to a thriving and supportive community wherever I go, and so far GAJET has allowed me to do just that, so I’m really excited to start my third year on the committee. When I’m not teaching Senior High School or planning events you can find me playing musical instruments, exploring Japan’s beautiful mountain onsen, and charting my slow journey across the world.

If you see me at one of our events, don’t be shy–say hi!

Paola Torres– Vice President
Hello fellow JETs! My name is Paola Torres. I am a J.H.S. ALT in the city of Shibukawa, the bellybutton of Japan. I was born in Colombia but lived half of my life in Miami; you can tell by my warm personality and bright smile. I don’t quite have any hobbies but my personal objective for this year is to take the JLPT N2 with confidence. I wish for you to enjoy meeting people here in Gunma at any of our events as I did during my first year in JET. You’ll make friends for life and maybe you will be the ones planning these events next year.
Hope to see you soon!
Talisha Vernon — Secretary 

My name is Talisha Vernon. I’m from Fairfax, Virginia but I mostly tell people I am from Washington DC. I currently live in Takasaki teaching high school. I am starting my fourth year on JET serving as GAJET’s secretary, and I am excited to give back to our community and enjoy the many events GAJET puts on throughout the year. In my free time, well…I don’t have much free time with one year old twins. I like to karaoke, film adventures with my family and take as many purikuras as I can. 


Abby Ryder-Huth — Editor
Hello! I’m Abby, and I’m a second year SHS Jet living in Takasaki. I am from lake-y Michigan via windy Chicago, where I worked as a florist and creative writing teacher before Japan beckoned. We’ve got a first-rate community out here in Gunma, and I am glad to be working with GAJET to bring people together and encourage everyone to be the interesting individuals they are. I like road trip sing-alongs, existentialist drama, onsen, and falling down rabbit holes of academic research. Come talk to me about your cooking techniques, your favorite punctuation, and your general hopes and dreams. May they all come true, and may we have many happy times together under the Gunma skies!
Josh Frankle — Treasurer

My name is Josh Frankle, and I’m a third-year SHS ALT in Kiryu! I was born in Japan, and raised all over the Pacific and the US. I’m really excited to be a part of the growing JET community in Gunma. It really is wonderful to be able to contribute to such a large and close-knit group such as ours. As for me, I enjoy both the indoors and outdoors – whether that be board game nights or hiking in Oze. I’m by no means an expert of Gunma, but if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask. Looking forward to meeting and getting to know you!

Jesse Britto — Seibu Rep
G’day everyone!! How ya goin’? My name is Jesse Britto, but people usually call me Gary. Just kidding… that would just be silly. I am from the land down under, also known as Australia, more specifically Perth!
I moved to Japan around one year ago and continue to fall in love with it more every day. I am located in an amazing town called Tomioka. It is surrounded by views of mountains and I can’t get enough of the delicious food! This year I have decided to join GAJET as a representative for Seibu as I really want both older and newer JET’s to experience what I have been lucky enough to experience over this past year. In my first year on JET I was teaching at one elementary and one junior high school, but from this year I will be at three elementary schools. When I am not at school crushing life with the teachers and students, I am usually running around doing things in my local community. My week usually consists of hockey, Taiko, other assorted sports, Vegemite eating competitions and paragliding.
Anyway, enough about me! When you see my amazing face in Gunma, please don’t hesitate to come and say hello and introduce yourself! Give me your best Aussie accent, unless you’re Aussie…. that’s totally cheating. Cheers.
Devyn Couch — Chubu Rep
Hello and welcome to Gunma, friends! My name is Devyn Couch, and I’m currently GAJET’s representative for Chubu region. Originally hailing from one of New Jersey’s many shore towns, I’m now entering my second year as a JHS JET in Tamamura. Before moving to Japan, I spent several amazing years teaching both general and special education at the elementary school level, so the jump to junior high was admittedly a little scary! However, I wouldn’t trade the connections I’ve made with my students and coworkers here for anything.
In my free time, you’ll often find me throwing myself headfirst–sometimes literally!–into the many amazing events and beautiful natural spots (have you seen these mountains!?) that our humble cabbage patch has to offer, pursuing various creative endeavors, and volunteering in different capacities in order to give back to the prefecture I now call home. One of the best things about Gunma is how friendly and supportive the community here is, so if you ever have any questions, need help getting settled, or just want to say “hi”, please don’t hesitate!
Jansen Magarro–Tobu Rep

My name is Jansen Magarro, I am a Canadian JET going into my 3rd year. Currently, I am an ALT at two senior high schools in Tatebayashi. This is my first year being a part of GAJET and I’m really excited to share what our group, community, and Japan has to offer. During my free time you can find me in Tokyo, exercising, or buying groceries.

Apparently everyone pronounces the word “bag” wrong. Come see me and I’ll teach your the correct way to say it.

Tiffany Do–Tone/Agatsuma Rep

Hi everyone! My name is Tiffany Do, but please, call me Tiff. Before moving to the beautiful mountains of Agatsuma, I lived in sunny California all my life. (My first winter here was tough!) This will be my first year on the committee and I am excited to be able to provide as much assistance as I can, as well as get to know more fellow ALTs. During the week, you can find me teaching at kindergartens and elementary schools.  But once the work is over, I’ll be playing in my local taiko group, soaking in all the onsens Gunma has to offer, and enjoying my surroundings!


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