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GAJET Spring Simulhike 2021

Gunma gave its best Silent Hill impression in this Spring 2021 edition of Simulhike. Groups ascended two foggy mountainsides, enjoying the cool air and misty atmospheres of Mount Asamakakushi and the Kakumanbuchi Marshland on Mount Akagi. The weather may not have been ideal for enjoying the mountaintop’s stunning views, but the foggy veil made for an enchanting journey nonetheless! Please enjoy this collection of pictures we took to commemorate the event.

Mount Asamakakushi:

Alex and June led the charge up Asamakakushi!
Spring leaves, brilliant moss, and low hanging mist made this forest trail look like something out of a fairy tale.
Aesthetic flowers.
These little mountain altars are everywhere, best leave some yennies for good luck!

Kakumanbuchi Marshland and Konuma Lake:

Travis, Loïc, and Miki stop for a pose inside a passing cloud.
Despite the dreary weather Kakumanbuchi was still stunning.
An alternative angle of the marshlands.
We even made a friend along the way, and he was way bigger than he looks.
Travis’s artistic angle of Lake Konuma.
Can you guess what these are? We found them on the shore!

Overall and despite the weather it ended up being a fun, cozy hike through the fog that made for some great shots. See you all in the next one!

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