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I Can Japan 2020!

Despite having to move our annual charity event to an online livestream this year due to COVID-19, our Gunma community still came together and made I Can Japan a success!!

A massive thank-you to everyone who donated to Komochiyama Gakuen, whether it was through our Go Get Funding page or our prize raffle. These funds will improve the childrens’ lives in so many ways, especially during difficult financial times like these.

Our total amount raised was ¥205,663!

What an amazing display of generosity from our JET and ALT community! GAJET thanks you once again for your immense kindness!

As part of our donations, we also have six handcrafted resuable masks made by Sara Ainscough, as well as a set of disposable ones from GAJET that will be given to Komochiyama.

For those who tuned into our livestream, thanks for your support! Even when we can’t meet in person, you all proved we can share in a wholesome moment through the net.


The real stars of the show were our wonderful performers who made our livestream sound amazing (although Facebook cursed us with some lag – sorry about that)! Thank you to Amelia, Brenden, Henry, Jamie, Jason, Nick, Talisha, and Wendy for your artistry! And we have to mention Jalen, who could make an entire room swoon with his smooth Japanese speech. 😉

If you were taking a bath and missed the livestream (dropping your laptop in the tub is a valid concern) – don’t worry! We’ve uploaded the video to YouTube:

Let’s keep this community spirit in our hearts — we hope to see you in person again next year!


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