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GAJET Nominations 2021

Ho boi, what a decade the last year has been, “unprecedented” doesn’t even begin to describe everything, and as such we the outgoing members of GAJET 2020 want to first and foremost give a massive thank you to all of you in the Gunma community. GAJET cannot exist without your support and, despite everything, so many of you came out to our many exciting COVID-alternative events, from the online going-away party to virtual pumpkin carving, both simulhikes to Christmas Trivia, and distanced hanami to QuaranTEAM games. This community is incredible and we are grateful for your continued support. With the vaccine perhaps finally cresting over the horizon we’re excited to call on the next generation of volunteers to help lead GAJET into a COVID-free world.

Gunma AJET is one of the most active AJET organizations around, and joining the council is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, gain experience in leadership and event planning, flex your creative muscles, share your knowledge, and support to the ALT community.

Now, without further ado, we declare the 2021-2022 GAJET nominations open!

Please note that because GAJET is a branch of the national AJET Council, only current, re-contracting JETs may apply.

Applications are open from today (Friday, June 4th) and will remain so until midnight on Monday June 14th. Because of the pandemic we’ve welcomed few, if any, new ALTs into our community, and as such we’ll be directly accepting all interested JETs this year. This means if you apply, barring you haven’t murdered anyone, you’re in, and we will only trigger a true election if there’s multiple people running for one of our named roles (President, Treasurer, and Webmaster/Editor) or if there is an overwhelming amount of interest in our new General Committee category.

If you wish to apply please e-mail our illustrious president, Ciara Malone, at [email protected] with the following:

  1. Subject: GAJET Elections
  2. Your full name and city in Gunma
  3. The position(s) you are interested in running for
  4. A short platform outlining why you want to be a council member and/or the specific position you are interested in. (approx. 100 words.) Include any relevant experience, skills, and characteristics you have that will assist you in your role, and optionally anything you hope to accomplish as a member.
  5. A profile picture of yourself to display next to your platform on our 2021-2022 candidates page, which will be posted after all platforms are collected. If you’re unsure of what to write, click here or here for some examples from past

What positions are up open? We’ve done a little restructuring for 2021/2022, and now have three administrative roles (President, Treasurer, and Editor/Webmaster) and several General Committee members.

Gunma-chan wants YOU on GAJET 2021!
  1. President

The president makes sure everything runs smoothly and is responsible for facilitating committee meetings, setting the agenda, and delegating tasks. The president is also responsible for problem solving and making final decisions about money, events, and operations. They are the liaison for National AJET and will be in close contact with our block representative. Japanese language proficiency is a plus, but not mandatory.

2. Treasurer

The treasurer is responsible for all of GAJET’s money and receipts, and makes decisions about money along with the President. The ideal candidate should be organized, responsible, diligent, and good with numbers. The treasurer will need to change over the current GAJET bank account, and will be responsible for the bankbook and any necessary correspondence with the bank itself. Japanese written and verbal communication isn’t necessary, but it may be helpful in these tasks.

3. Editor/Webmaster

The Editor/Webmaster is responsible for GAJET’s presence online, including managing the website (,) administrating our various facebook pages (Gunma ALTS (co-managed with the president,) Gunma ALTs Contributor’s circle, and to a lesser extent Gunma— Buy, Sell, Exchange) and google drive, encouraging the community to write articles on a regular basis, and then editing and posting those articles online. The GAJET Instagram also sometimes falls within this role’s domain. Potential candidates should have good writing and editing skills, confident with technology and in following technical instructions, able to research solutions to problems, self-directed and proactive, and enthusiastic about developing new features for Basic knowledge of wordpress is a plus, though the previous Editor/Webmaster, Loïc, can walk you through how it works and can continue to provide support. If need be, this position can be split into two separate Editor and Webmaster roles, and it is recommended general committee members assist the Editor/Webmaster when possible.

4. General Committee: General Committee members form the main body of GAJET. They plan, run, and host events, support JETs in Gunma, etc. Some General Committee members may also take on additional duties such as note-taking during meetings, assisting the Editor/Webmaster, representing less populous regions, etc. There is no hard limit to the number of General Committee members possible.

And that’s it! Let’s have ourselves a great nomination cycle, and an even greater 2021 and 2022!

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