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GAJET Special Mid-Term Election Results!

26 September 2016 No Comments

I’m happy to announce the results of the Mid-Term elections! I know many of you were excited to put in your ballots, but alas, there were not enough running mate pairs to make a fierce election. Nevertheless, we have some great platforms that will introduce you to your new regional and social representatives. Please read them and watch out for future events from our great new members!

James Smith – Seibu Representative


(Fujioka City)

Salutations! It is with the greatest pleasure that I welcome you to Gunma Prefecture! I hail from the bleak, grey, cynical landmass commonly known as the (somewhat) United Kingdom. Back in Blighty I passed the time studying philosophy and gazing at my navel. I also spent three amazing years working with children and adults with autism. I recently completed my first year of JET in Fujioka. I’m a keen velocipedist; Merckx, Obree, and Burton are my idols. At the weekends you can find me chewing my handlebars on Gunma’s steep mountain roads. If climbing Mt. Haruna by bicycle in the rain sounds like a weekend well spent, let’s go for a ride! Shyness is nice, but shyness can stop you from doing all the things in life you’d like to. So if there’s something you’d like to try in Japan, just go for it! Enjoy your life here!

Ali Navarro – Chubu Representative



When I was a high school student, I had the opportunity to travel to Japan for 1 week with my Japanese friend. At that time, I knew nothing about Japan, but, I immediately I fell in love with it; I thought “One week isn’t long enough”. I promised myself to come back to Japan someday, and here I am, 8 years later, living and working in Japan! I’m going on my 2nd year as a JET living in Shibukawa, Gunma.

Before arriving in Japan in the JET Program, I knew nothing about Gunma, Japan. But just after 1 year, I feel like I know more about Gunma than the native residents!  I love getting involved, whether it’s playing Taiko drums in the local town festival, performing the traditional Gunma Danbei dance, or planting rice seedlings in paddy fields with the locals; I want to try everything!

Thanks to the amazing community of JETs and local residents of Gunma, I have been able to get involved and truly make the most of my experience here in Japan. I sincerely think we have one of the best communities in Japan, and I want to return the favor by helping other JETs get involved and love their experience in Japan!


Josh Frankle – Tobu Representative



Joshua Ken Frankle – Kiryu

Hello Gunmans! I’m Josh Frankle, and I am running to be your Tobu Representative! I’m a second-year JET living up in Kiryu. Over the past year, I had opportunities to participate in a number of GAJET events, and have volunteered in many non-GAJET related events as well. Having attended many of these events and realizing just how great it is to be part of a community, I have the desire to give back by helping and organizing events in Tobu. Even though Tobu is spread wide and far, let’s use that to our advantage! Let’s explore everything our great region has to offer. Thanks for hearing me out!

Neal Beaver – Tobu Representative



Hello Gunma!


My name is Neal Beaver and I live in Kiryu, so I’m running for Tobu rep. I’m a 3rd year high school ALT at Kiryu Minami High School and Omama High School. I’m a transplant New Yorker originally from Jacksonville, Florida, so I’m used to both the city life and the inaka stuff. Kiryu isn’t the most metropolitan of locales, so I think it’s important for ALTs to connect and hold frequent events to help us blow off steam. I play music in my spare time, so if you play an instrument, reach out!


I have few political aspirations 😉 Just interested in using my experience to help other ALTs. You can message me about anything. I’m interested in creating more events out here in Tobu like Art Night, Pub Quizzes, Guacamole night, anything! See you there!

Sarah Hogan – Social Representative



Hello everyone! I am Sarah Hogan, representing Canada and our lovely capital. I am running for a social representative position for the 2016-2017 JET year. I am currently on my second year working in the small town of Shibukawa. Gunma and the surrounding areas have a lot to offer and it would be my pleasure to be able to show our community the wonders of our cabbage patch. I have been attending and volunteering with different events brought to us by GAJET, and JOMO JET since my first year and hope to continue. I would love to create a welcoming atmosphere for new and current JETS by assisting in planning different social events throughout the year. It can be hard to get outside of your city bubble and I think social gatherings are the best way to meet people inside and outside of your community! Gatherings could include movie nights, dinner, winter sports, picnics and different events and festivals offered throughout the year in our awesome prefecture. I would be honored to be a part such an awesome team who has brought the JET community together in so many ways.

Donald King – Social Representative


(Annaka City)

Hey everyone! I’m Donald King, I’m a Leo, love long walks on the beach and (wrong profile). I am a first year JET, April arrival and I am confident in my competence as one of your Social Representatives. I enjoy interesting things, whatever form they make take. A good conversation with an elderly Japanese man on a train can be as enjoyable and as a trip to Yokohama. It’s all about the experience. Coming from the small island of Jamaica to the big island of Japan has reinforced my desire to create memories and meet new and diverse people.  I am committed to the cause of having a good time in Japan while here and as your social rep, this is a commitment I share wholeheartedly with you.


I have accumulated a wealth of experience in the field of Public Relations and event planning. This experience has developed my eye for detail and my knack for creativity and innovation. I believe the GAJET team has done an excellent job of helping to enhance our stay in Japan and as a member of the team I will raise the bar and continue their fine work. With your help we can enjoy a wide array of activities from all regions of Gunma and the general Kanto region.  With this said I submit myself as a dedicated member of the GAJET team that will ensure that we maintain a momentum of fun throughout the year as we exchange ideas on how best to love and love Japan.

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