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Designs are in for the GAJET t-shirt contest and the competition was fierce! Ten designers submitted 25 designs in the hopes of setting the style for Gunma. Now it’s your turn to decide who wins.

Cast your vote for the top design from the five shortlisted entries below. Voting closes at 5pm on Tuesday 19th July. Please vote only once. The winner will be announced on Wednesday 20th July.

And remember, the t-shirt competition is for a good cause, with a share of profits going to Tohoku Relief… so get voting!

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Design #1

Design #2

Design #3

Design #4

Design #5

Vote Now!

Look out for details of how and where to buy your GAJET t-shirt coming soon…

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  1. Tricia

    the Gunma-chan style Daruma is TOO CUTE!!! I wish they made those for real!!! *hint to the peeps that work in the kencho*

  2. Den

    wow…. I’m really surprised these are the only choices… I thought I heard the competition was really fierce, but only 1, MAYBE 2, of these are even original ideas…

    that’s too bad
    but hey, I love that somebody featured Gunma-chan on a Daruma doll! Go Gunma-chan!

  3. Jess

    The Gunma one makes me cringe… I’d vote for “I <3 群馬" but "私 <3 群馬" just looks and sounds wrong to me.

    And can I make a suggestion? With the photo contest too, when it is time to vote you have to go count which design is what number, and with the photos especially there were a lot to count. Could you either put a description in the voting form of the shirt/photo/whatever, or caption each photo on this page with what number it is? Again more with the photos because of the sheer number of them, but I had to check twice to make sure the vote I was putting in matched the entry because nothing tied them together.

  4. kimonokeith

    We’ll upload all submitted designs when the competition is over, so you get to find out who designed what, and see what a talented bunch the Gunma Jets are!

  5. emajevans

    We had to shortlist the submissions to designs that fitted the criteria for printing. Some included too many colours or designs that would have been too complicated/ too expensive to print anyway.

  6. Laura

    These are so awesome! I like them all and took forever to decide lol. If the I LOVE GUNMA one wins, could we add “GAJET” like on the bottom corner or something? That way it would be more of a Gunma JET t shirt and not just a Gunma t shirt. Just an idea!

  7. Anna

    Where are the rest of the submissions?

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