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The results are in and we have a winner! Congratulations to Nick Tenhue who has snatched the glory with his Hanging Cranes design. Thanks very much to Nick for providing us with this artistic and stylish image.

Nick Tenhue 1

There were lots of entries and really high standard of design. Thanks to everybody who took part and used their creative flair to make the competition a popular event.

Nick’s Cranes are now winging their way to the printers where they’ll be immortalised forever in fashion. Look out for details coming very soon of where you’ll be able to pick up your own GAJET t-shirt.

Take a look at all the entries below. Gunma JETs really are a talented bunch!

Allen Bo Agunday

Allen Bo Agunday 1

Allen Bo Agunday 2

Allen Bo Agunday 3

Allen Bo Agunday 5

Allen Bo Agunday 5

Brooke Brown

Brooke Brown 1

Brooke Brown 2

Brooke Brown 3

Brooke Brown 4

Brooke Brown 5

Chingyi Liu

Chingyi Liu 1

David Shaw

David Shaw 1

David Shaw 2

David Shaw 3

David Shaw 4

Emma Evans

Emma Evans 2

Emma Evans 1

Greg Morrison

Greg Morrison 1

Nick Tenhue

Nick Tenhue 1

Nick Tenhue 2

Nick Tenhue 3

Nick Tenhue 4

Patrick Lane

Patrick Lane 1

Robbin Stafford

Robin Stafford 1

Robin Stafford 2

Robin Stafford 3

Sean Chiochankitmun

Sean Chiochankitmun 1

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  1. David

    Nick’s got some mad design skills. Everyone else did a great job, too!

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