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By Taylor Baldry & Liz Sexton | 11th December 2009 | No Comments

LIZ SEXTON: Alcatraz ER is a bar and restaurant located in the Shibuya ward of Tokyo, Japan. The theme of the establishment, as its name suggests, has something to do with prisons and hospitals. A tourist hotspot, the place is mainly frequented by curious foreigners, much like Taylor and I. I’m guessing this is because no one would ever, ever visit twice.

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By Laurel Swift | 9th November 2009 | No Comments

Yakitori: who can resist salty, smoky bits of grilled chicken on a stick? Well, maybe a vegetarian could, but for the rest of us, it is likely irresistible. I suppose most of us have found a local yakitori shop to park at for a nibble on warm summer evenings or chilly winter nights alike. If you haven’t found yours yet, look around for their red lanterns hanging by the door and don’t hold back.

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By Mark Daniels | 28th October 2009 | No Comments
Not Another Seminar About Living Rural

Like about 50% of JETs out of there, I’m one of those whingers who requested an urban placement and got a rural one.

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By Peter Cowley | 20th October 2009 | No Comments
Teaching Methods and Approaches

My TESOL degree, which I completed prior to coming to Japan, consisted of a heavy theoretical component covering the history of language teaching and various teaching methods that have been used throughout time. With each update of this column I’ll aim to give you a brief overview of a different method.

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By Maria Perez | 5th October 2009 | No Comments
Standing out in your Community

Before JET many of us never experienced standing (waaaaay) out in our own neighbourhoods. Well, here in Japan, it’s a different story. Although it may appear to you, while in Tokyo, that there are indeed a fair number of foreigners residing in Japan, the truth is we make up about 1% of the total population. Unlike if you were an ALT in Tokyo, here in Gunma it is difficult to blend in and just become that foreigner. You stick out like a sore thumb, so get used to it.