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By | 28th May 2015 | No Comments

We have a lot of great candidates this year, so please read their platforms below and choose which candidate you think can best fulfill the role they are running for.  If you are unsure what each position does, feel free to check out the Nominations page for a description of each position.
Voting is open until 10:00 p.m. June 1st! 
Samantha Corpuz

Hello fellow Gunma JETs! My name is Samantha Corpuz from Vancouver (they call me Can-EH-dian ^_~ ). I’m a 3rd year ALT living in western Gunma, and I am running for GAJET President!
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By | 30th July 2014 | 4 Comments
kusatsu goddess

The sweet and sweaty oven-heat of summer is upon us, but while it may be tempting to lock yourself in with your aircon and an army of fans, be sure to check out some (or all!) of the amazing festivals our cabbage patch has to offer.

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By Andrea Dawn | 8th February 2014 | No Comments
Snowboarding Gunmachan

Winter is here! What is the one thing guaranteed to drag us out from under our warm toasty kotatsu? Why, snowboarding and skiing, of course! Did you know that next to Hokkaido, the Gunma-Niigata-Nagano region has the best ski resorts in all of Japan? Gunma, banzai!

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By Ashly Schanback | 1st October 2013 | 3 Comments
Entry 1

Hi, friends! As school starts back up and the days grow shorter, I wanted to share a guide about one of Gunma’s best features: autumn leaves!

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By Fitzgerard Restituyo | 25th September 2013 | No Comments
Kusatsu Town

Located in the northwest of Gunma, the Agatsuma District is very easy to miss on a map. You may have even driven through it on your way to Nagano Prefecture or Minakami without realizing it. But doing so would be a mistake. You’d be surprised at the awesome things to be found within this hidden cabbage.

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By Brandon Killby | 2nd September 2013 | 2 Comments
JLPT N1 Study Materials

Twice a year, hundreds of thousands of Japanese-studying hopefuls apply for the ever-challenging Japanese language self-evaluation test—the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).

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By Maria Bar(uxis) | 22nd August 2013 | 1 Comment
Maria Self-Intro Materials

When I first arrived in Japan last year, I was so anxious about so many things, I thought I’d resolve into a puddle of nerves and that’d be that. But, here I am, still in a more-or-less solid state of matter and keen on easing any apprehensions Gunma’s newcomers might have about self introductions (jiko shōkai).

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By Patrick McGarvey | 21st August 2013 | 5 Comments
Racing Bike

A reality for many coming to Japan—even in Gunma, which boasts the highest number of cars per capita in mainland Japan—is that a bicycle becomes one’s main form of transportation.

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By Peter Frazer | 31st July 2013 | No Comments
Numata Festival Tengu

The Japanese summer matsuri season is upon us! Not sure what the festival scene is like in your area? Read on! GAJET has gathered details of the biggest summer festivals around Gunma and put them in one place.

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By Jennifer Cohen | 21st July 2013 | No Comments

If you are interested in getting outside this summer and breathing in some fresh mountain air, testing your strength and being adventurous, why not try climbing Mt. Myogi?