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All of us from GAJET would like to give our gratitude for another amazing year of support and participation at the many exciting events we’ve had this year. However, it’s time to open up elections for next year’s GAJET committee!

I Can Japan 2020!

May 23, 2020 | GAJET Events | No Comments

Despite having to move our annual charity event to an online livestream this year due to COVID-19, our Gunma community still came together and made I Can Japan a success!!

Making Your Own Masks

April 29, 2020 | Guides | No Comments

“Do you want to buy some masks? It’s ¥5000 for a box,” the teacher said as they held the clipboard out to me with a smile. Er, no thanks. That’s ¥5000 I don’t have, and besides, let’s leave the medical grade supplies for the people who need them. Making my own mask seemed like the […]

By Kei

We at GAJET are making a list of all the doctors, dentists, and eye clinics that you, our community, have recommended to us over the years. We are working towards making a comprehensive list of the best doctors in Gunma, based on English availability, location accessibility, and care quality and convenience. This list contains clinics […]

Brushing up the Bulletin Board

April 3, 2020 | Teaching | No Comments

Welcome to a new school year. After a week filled with sad goodbyes and more omiyage than you can squeeze into the second drawer of your desk, you might be thinking about changing that English board that’s been covered in snow since last December.