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By Leanne Grace Costa | 23rd March 2010 | 2 Comments

I’ve always enjoyed an active lifestyle (dancing, the gym, kick boxing, etc), but when I came to Japan I found it difficult to find affordable hobbies similar to the ones I had done back home. I had run in the past, nothing too hardcore, just a 30 minute jog around the park, so I decided to take it up again.

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By Michelle Lindsay Tamiko Englar | 16th March 2010 | No Comments

There were a lot of reasons I needed to take up a formal hobby: Enthusiasm. Challenge. Accomplishment. Boredom, etc. I also wanted to learn more about Japan and my own community. And, because I’m rarely home on the weekends, I wanted something fun to do in my town during the week.

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By Marcus Smith | 12th March 2010 | No Comments

Because your apartment is likely just as cold as it is outside and you know it. This advice is probably best suited for those of you who have just arrived in Japan and are looking for hobbies to occupy your time.  But hopefully, this will also prove useful for those of you who are having a hard time dealing with the unreasonably long, dark and cold Gunma winter (I’m from South Carolina and don’t usually have to deal with this).

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By Nayalan Moodley | 22nd February 2010 | No Comments

We all are veterans of the efficient and relatively cheap train system. After all… we are so close to Tokyo that its pretty obvious that All of you know how to get around. Hyperdia and Jorudan are essential Tools for getting from A to B on the Iron horse.

But there are times when the train just won’t cut it. It takes too long, it is uncomfortable and it doesn’t always get to the more interesting places out there.

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By Nayalan Moodley | 15th February 2010 | No Comments

If that picture is not enough of a reason to explain why I desperately wanted to see this show, not much else is.

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By Benjamin Woodard | 9th February 2010 | No Comments

On Saturday, January 16th, I attended the first major sumo event of the year in Japan. I have been hooked on the sport since attending my first tournament last Silver Week. While in Japan, I hope to attend as many matches as possible. This competition proved to be just as exciting, if not more, than my previous experience.

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By Helen Auer | 29th January 2010 | 2 Comments

I’ve really enjoyed my time as an ALT in Gunma. I have virtually no complaints beyond the expected “It’s so cold!” and “The drivers here are crazy!” My favorite driving stunt is when a car swings out into oncoming traffic to make a left turn.

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By Marcus Smith | 27th January 2010 | No Comments

I heard a lot of nasty rumours about how impossible it is to pass the Gunma driving test before I actually went to take it.  While it is quite difficult, if you prepare ahead of time it isn’t nearly as impossible as it sounds.

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By Maria Perez | 18th January 2010 | No Comments

Matsumoto Castle, Jigokudani Yaen-koen (aka the Snow Monkey Onsen) and the Japanese Alps are the main attractions tourists visit when traveling into Nagano Prefecture. These are indeed a must, but two other sites, Dai-o Wasabi-Nojo and Bessho Onsen Town, are worthwhile locales to visit on your adventure into our neighbouring prefecture.

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By Chuck Clenney | 31st December 2009 | 1 Comment

In days past, Gunma Prefecture was called “Joshu” or “Jomo”, and, as samurai, shogunate, emperors, and commonfolk traveled to and through our dear Gunma Prefecture in search of silk, agricultural treats, military gain, or maybe love, it was only inevitable that they would find themselves at the abrupt foothills of the Kanto Mountain Range. Gunma Prefecture has many mountains across its landlocked mass, but these 3 specific mountains are very special and revered as Shinto deities.