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General Survival


Winter in Gunma: A guide to keeping sane

By | 25th December 2014 |
Illumination, with dinosaurs! It’s December! The first snow has fallen in the mountains, the last of the summer mosquitos are dying (thank god) and everyone in Gunma is setting up their kotatsu, refilling their kerosene and buying this season’s most fashionable puffy down jackets. It’s time to brace yourself for the long dark winter ahead.


Surviving a Gunma Winter

By Ashly Schanback | 18th December 2013 |

uniqlo-heattech For those who may not know, I was born and raised in sunny San Diego, California, which is famous for its year-round Mediterranean climate (average 13ºC-22ºC throughout the year). Thought I spent my university years in a slightly colder and damper Berkeley, California, it was still a shock to the system when temperatures began to fluctuate in the fall of my first year on JET.

Home / Apartment

Combat the cold – Winter proof your home

By Keith Watson | 27th December 2011
Snowflake: formation (DI00310)Suffering separation anxiety when parted from your kotatsu? Sub-zero apartments and icy bike rides to school mean Gunma’s cold is already biting. Without wanting to sound like a doom-monger, the worst of the winter is yet to come! Meet the cold head-on and make your pad a hot-haven…


Clothes (HeatTech)


Cold to HEATTECH: A cautionary tale

By Elizabeth Bender | 21st January 2014 |

uniqlo-heattech“Buy HEATTECH!” It’s one of the few gospels possibly more sacred to JETs than “ESID”. Undoubtedly, UNIQLO’s popular line has successfully kept millions of denizens of Japan (and now the world) a little warmer against paper-thin walls and frigid school hallways. However, a few consumers may find themselves giving up more than they intended in exchange for HEATTECH’s warming properties.

Let’s Wearing HeatTech!

By Jessie Zanutig | 18th October 2010 |
We have all certainly noticed the gradual drop in temperature over the last few weeks.  For those of you who will be enduring your first winter in Japan, you have several months of frigid snowy weather ahead to look forward to!