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Simul-Hike, November 3rd

November 4, 2020 | GAJET Events | No Comments

GAJET hosted a socially distanced simultaneous hike on the various mountains in Gunma on November 3rd, 2020.

The coming of November brings with it the changing of the leaves from lush green to fiery displays of red, yellow, and orange. With this burning beauty alight in our mountains the urge to hike has once again overtaken the ALTs of Gunma, but with an added challenge:

How do we hike together in a pandemic? The answer: Simul-hike!

Donning our jackets, rucksacks, and bear bells we ventured up an assortment of mountains in small groups simultaneously, separate but together. We also created a shared Facebook Messenger chat in which we shared thoughts and pictures of our experiences in real time as we ascended for an extra sense of camaraderie in these lonely times. This year, daring hike leaders guided eager ALTs up five mountains, for a total of 23 participants!

Mt. Akagi

Mt. Asamakakushi

Hello all, Loïc here, and I was the hike leader for the ascent of mount Asamakakushi in southwestern Gunma. The hike took about three and a half hours total including breaks and lunch, with four of us making the journey up: myself, Mikylah Mocknowed, Amy Jarman, and Travis Tokaruk. It was a blast, despite us having made the journey up WAY harder than it had to be. “Why?” you may ask? Well, because the mountain deceived us! There are very well defined runoff trails paths formed by thawing snow and rain Asamakakushi’s side, and we foolishly believed these were the correct path up. They were not, as many of them were up to 50% inclines that we had to climb by grappling from tree to tree like strange monkey/mountain goat hybrids. We felt like premium idiots on the way down when we finally noticed the gentle, sloping path working its way lazily down the mountain, the ACTUAL way we were supposed to take. Needless to say the descent was way easier.  Despite that small incident though, it was still a great time and an unforgettable experience, the views at the top were well worth the struggle.

Mt. Myogi

Mt. Tanigawa

Mt. Tokami

Photo Gallery coming soon.

Halloween, October 31st

November 1, 2020 | GAJET Events | No Comments

October 31st – GAJET hosted an online Halloween party. We played Quiplash, Trivia Murder Party, halloween-themed skribblio, and Among Us.

Photo Gallery coming soon.

Quaran-team Games 2020

October 11, 2020 | GAJET Events | No Comments

Quaran-team Games was a special hybrid scavenger hunt event planned due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo Gallery coming soon.

A samurai’s treasure lies hidden somewhere in Gunma! Join us on Saturday October 10th and try to claim it for yourself in Quaranteam games, a new event of Gunmatastic adventure for ALTs across the cabbage patch.

From the Facebook Event

Have you ever wondered what an escape room would be like if it covered all of Gunma? Well, wait no more because we did just that on October 10th, 2020. It was a wet, rainy Saturday morning when Gunma got together for our first ever Quaran-team games, but a little weather wasn’t going to stop us from having a good time!

The event ran as a 3 part adventure consisting of an initial riddle, a photo scavenger hunt, and a breakneck race through Wikipedia to uncover a final clue, sprinkled with puzzles in between. Four teams raced across Gunma to find the legendary treasure of Gunma-dono, all competing for the fastest time: Bitch ‘N’ Chips, Doom Doom, Gunma Gems, and Irregal Downroads, for a total of eleven players, along with myself (Loïc) acting as a dungeon master of sorts, overseeing the event and guiding players through the various puzzles and challenges.

It was super fun! We managed to get some excellent pictures (and occasional doodles,) and no matter what time they posted at the end everyone managed to reach the goal and had a blast doing it. It was really great to see everyone come out and hear the buzzing of interest for another potential iteration next year.

Congratulations to our winners: Maddie Chisum, Sara Ainscough, Junie Chin, and Alexandria Jean Krause AKA Gunma Gems with a miniscule 2 hours. 21 minutes, and 4.25 second solving time. Excellently done, and a huge thank you to all of our other participating teams. You all did really well, fantastic job!
Here are the times for the teams that completed the hunt!
1. Gunma Gems: 2:21:4.25
2. Irregal Downroads: 3:13:9.27 
3. Bitch ‘n’ Chips: 3:20:29
4. Doomdoom: 4:08:15

From a more personal angle, this was a huge challenge to create but highly rewarding once everything came together, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. It was so much fun planning all the different clues, and seeing all the smiles on your faces made me incredibly happy. Additionally I’d like to extend a huge thanks to my play testers Ciara, Ashton, and Kelley, without whom this would have likely been an awful, confusing trainwreck of an event. Cheers everyone!

-Loïc, Seibu Representative

GAJET Farewell Party, July 11th

July 15, 2020 | GAJET Events, Gallery | No Comments

Gajet farewell party

As a committee, we have struggled with how to bring our community together in the time of social distancing. This is especially difficult for the first traditional event for the new committee: The Farewell Beer Garden. Given the nature of the pandemic, it was decided that we should play it safe with our event planning and move our farewells online or in small gatherings in regional groups (depending on the will of the regional rep). Seibu and Chubu had a joint online event:

Gajet farewell party
GAJET Farewell Party was hosted via the GAJET Discord

Takasaki fire works GAJET Japan Gunma

It’s that time again where we toast another year well spent and celebrate those who will be leaving us in a few weeks. Let’s send them off in a blaze of laughter and glory. I’m not crying, you are!

️WHEN: Saturday, July 11th, 2020 at 7 PM

️WHERE: The GunmaJET discord server in any of our chat rooms (though things will be starting in and periodically returning to the General chat.)

️WHO: All o’ y’all, with special emphasis on those who will be departing this year. People who have already left this year are also invited and encouraged to join us!

️WHAT: A last night of fun and reminiscing with all of Gunma, with a toast, slideshow of pictures, and optional drinking game along the way.

️RSVP: If you are not on the GAJET Discord already, please RSVP here:
After you RSVP, a link will be sent to you in order to join.

IMPORTANT: As we are planning to create a slideshow, we need YOUR help. Please send your favourite photos of Gunma memories to [email protected] by Friday the 10th at noon. Let’s have an awesome night of fun and memories together!

Hope to see everyone there!