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It’s that time again where we toast another year well spent and celebrate those who will be leaving us in a few weeks. Let’s send them off in a blaze of laughter and glory. I’m not crying, you are!

️WHEN: Saturday, July 11th, 2020 at 7 PM

️WHERE: The GunmaJET discord server in any of our chat rooms (though things will be starting in and periodically returning to the General chat.)

️WHO: All o’ y’all, with special emphasis on those who will be departing this year. People who have already left this year are also invited and encouraged to join us!

️WHAT: A last night of fun and reminiscing with all of Gunma, with a toast, slideshow of pictures, and optional drinking game along the way.

️RSVP: If you are not on the GAJET Discord already, please RSVP here:
After you RSVP, a link will be sent to you in order to join.

IMPORTANT: As we are planning to create a slideshow, we need YOUR help. Please send your favourite photos of Gunma memories to [email protected] by Friday the 10th at noon. Let’s have an awesome night of fun and memories together!

Hope to see everyone there!