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The Top Three Reasons to Attend the Third Annual Gunma Games

The third annual Gunma Games are coming up fast! The Gunma Games are the first big event of the year for new Gunma JETs. It’s bound to be the hottest and most talked about event all year, so don’t miss it! For those that have already been to the Gunma Games I have no doubt you’re coming back for more. But, for those of you that need some convincing I’ve prepared my top three reasons why you should attend the Gunma Games!

  1. Meet new people10653547_10202962109398647_3713988985146445160_n

The Gunma Games are a great opportunity to make new friends. There will be a diverse array of ALTs (old and new) and community members in attendance. The teams are setup according to your region. All your teammates are the people who live and work in your area! There is no better way to get to know your neighbors then by crushing the other teams and leading your region to cabbage-y cabbage-y victory.


  1. Rep your region

    Photo by: Sarah Dela Cruz
    Photo by: Sarah Dela Cruz

I’m know we’ve all got Gunma pride. But, what about your region? Are you proud to say you come from Seibu? Chubu? Tobu? Tone/Agatsuma?  Come out and fight hard for the right to say your region is the best of the best!



  1. Work up a thirst

Following the Gunma Games is a welcoming beer garden with all you can drink and all you can eat for 4 hours! Nothing works up a thirst and appetite like a few hours of fun in the sun! This is also the first chance for the winners of the Gunma Games to parade around with the golden cabbage and gloat over all the losing teams.


Come out and enjoy 2015’s most exhilarating event! You can find more information on the Facebook event page. See you there!



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