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GAJET Nominations 2017-2018

First, all current members would like to give our gratitude for another amazing year of support and participation at the many exciting events we’ve had this year: Beer Gardens, Karaoke, Gunma Games, Canyons, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Skibo & Chill, Art Share Night, and our big, annual fundraiser I*Can*Japan (愛・感・ジャパン)! I’m happy to announce that we raised over ¥150,000 from I*Can for the Komochiyama Children’s Home in Shibukawa!

Gunma AJET is one of the most active AJET organizations, and while it’s hard work to host events in this wonderful cabbage patch known as Gunma, joining the council is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, gain experience in leadership and event planning, share your knowledge via the website, and give general support to the ALT community.

With all that said, we’ll start the election process for the 2017-2018 GAJET Committee tonight!

**Please note that because GAJET is a branch of the national AJET Council, only current and re-contracting JETs may apply. Regardless, we love all ALTs, eikawa personnel, and others in the international community and encourage you to keep coming to our events!**

The application period is from today until 7 p.m. June 5th (Monday).

The voting period will start the following Wednesday (June 7th) until Friday (June 9th).

Elections results will be announced Sunday, June 11th.


If you wish to run for the please e-mail me, Crystal Lamptey, at [email protected] with

  1. Subject: GAJET Elections
  2. Your full name and city in Gunma
  3. The position(s) you are interested in running for (Yes, you can run more than one!)
  4. An election platform outlining why you want to be a council member and why you want that particular position. Include any relevant experience, skills, and characteristics you have that will assist you in the position, as well as what you hope to accomplish if elected
  5. A profile picture of yourself to display next to your platform on the 2017-2018 election candidates page, which will be posted after all platforms are collected. If you’re unsure of what to write, click here for some examples from past


What positions are up open? Well, GAJET is restructuring into two committees.

The executive committee roles like President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Editor, and Webmaster need dedicated members who will work together continue, change, and/or create new Gunma-wide events.

The regional representatives committee works together in each of Gunma’s 5 regions (Agatsuma, Chubu, Seibu, Tobu, & Tone) to hold small get-togethers and give general support and information. ALL members take joint responsibility in holding small-scale events in each region, but the lead organizer will be the rep of that region (i.e. decisions on who, what, when, where, etc.). Lastly, if not enough members are elected, positions will be combined (e.g. Tone/Agatsuma Rep).

No matter what committee/position, all council members help where and when they can. In addition, members can hold two positions as (e.g. Secretary & Seibu Rep, Editor & Tone/Agatsuma Rep) if they win enough votes and accept both positions. The maximum number of members on the council will be eleven. You’ll find more info about the positions below, and please send in your application by 7 p.m. June 5th (Monday) to [email protected] !

We look forward to hearing from you!

  1. President

The president makes sure everything runs smoothly and is responsible for facilitating committee meetings, setting the agenda, and delegating tasks. The president is also responsible for problem solving and making final decisions about money, events, and operations. They are the liaison for National AJET and will be in close contact with our block representative. Japanese language proficiency is a plus, but not mandatory. The president works very closely with the vice president, and therefore candidates for these positions should be individuals who work well together and have a solid personal relationship.

  1. Vice President

The vice president’s role is similar to president, but with a bit less emailing. The president and VP consult each other on various topics and run meetings together. Therefore, president and vice president candidates should be individuals who work well together and have a solid personal relationship.

  1. Secretary

The secretary’s main duty is to take detailed notes at GAJET meetings, type them up, and distribute them to all committee members. They compile a year-end guide of all GAJET events to pass on to the next committee. The secretary often works closely with president and vice president.

  1. Treasurer

The treasurer is responsible for all of GAJET’s money and receipts, and makes decisions about money along with the President. The ideal candidate should be organized, responsible, diligent, and good with numbers. The treasurer will need to change over the current GAJET bank account, and will be responsible for the bankbook and any necessary correspondence with the bank itself. Japanese written and verbal communication isn’t necessary, but it may be helpful in these tasks.

  1. Editor

The editor is responsible for all the content on the GAJET website,, as well as moderating the Gunma ALTs Facebook group. The editor encourages committee members and the wider ALT community to write articles on a regular basis. Potential candidates should have good writing and editing skills, as well as basic knowledge about WordPress. The editor often works very closely with the webmaster to manage GAJET’s online content.

  1. Webmaster

The webmaster is responsible for maintaining and developing GAJET’s web presence (, creating pages and forms for GAJET events (such a registration forms), and administrating GAJET’s email and Drive accounts on Google. GAJET’s webpage is built on WordPress and requires little direct maintenance. No direct experience with website administration is necessary, but candidates for webmaster should be confident with technology and in following technical instructions, self-directed and proactive, and enthusiastic about developing new features for

Regional Representatives Committee

Regional representatives are the go-to people in each region, acting as a local support for new and current ALTs. Reps are responsible for contacting local ALTs about both GAJET and various regional events, as well as planning small outings and dinners together. ALL members take joint responsibility in holding small-scale events in each region, but the lead organizer will be the rep of that region

  1. Chubu Region Reps

Isesaki, Maebashi, Shibukawa, Shinto-mura, Tamamura and Yoshioka.

  1. Tone Region Reps

Minakami, Katashina, Numata, Showa and Kawaba.

  1. Tobu Region Reps

Chiyoda, Itakura, Kiryu, Meiwa, Midori, Oizumi, Ota, Oura and Tatebayashi.

  1. Seibu Region Reps

Annaka, Fujioka, Kanna, Kanra, Nanmoku, Shimonita, Takasaki, Tomioka and Ueno-mura.

  1. Agatsuma Region Reps

Higashiagatsuma, Kuni, Kusatsu, Naganohara, Nakanojo, Takayama and Tsumagoi.


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